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Horse Shows at ECETC

East Coast has horse shows from December to end of November.

East Coast is pleased to be the site of the East Coast Horse Show Assocation's, East Coast Interscholastic Equestrian Academy's, Atlantic Saddle Club's and Virginia Beach Horse Show Association's horse shows. Most hold Virginia Horse Show Associatation (VHSA) Associate Rated shows.

East Coast Horse Show Association (ECHSA)

The ECHSA shows are VHSA Associate rated and offer Hunter/Jumper divisions. ECHSA Winter show series are from December through April. Depending on scheduling, a summer series is offered during the week.

East Coast Interscholastic Equitation Academy (ECIEA)

The ECIEA team is part of the IEA's Zone 3, Region 5. Team members are comprised of students in grades 6-12 and compete against other local IEA teams. You do not need to own a horse to be part of their team!

Atlantic Saddle Club (ASC)

East Coast is pleased to have the ASC shows on our show grounds! They offer English and Western divisions and run from April through October. Some of their shows offer the VHSA Associate rated divisions.

Virginia Beach Horse Show Association (VBHSA)

The VBHSA offers VHSA Associate rated Hunter divisions and run from March through October. ECETC is pleased to be a part of the VBHSA show circuit.

2020 Horse Shows at ECETC Show Grounds

Please refer to that show's host for more information by clicking on the link next to the show date.
*Indicates VHSA Associate Rated Show

July 25: Atlantic Saddle Club*
Aug 8: Atlantic Saddle Club*
Aug 29: ECHSA*Judges: Lauren Maddox
Sep 5: Atlantic Saddle Club*
Sep 26: Atlantic Saddle Club*
Oct 17: Atlantic Saddle Club*
Oct 24: ECHSA* Judge: Michelle Hawley
Nov 7: Atlantic Saddle Club
Nov 21: Atlantic Saddle Club
Dec 12: Atlantic Saddle Club

Show Information

Please utilize the links above to refer directly to the ECHSA, ECIEA, Atlantic Saddle Club, or VBHSA sites for their prize lists, entry forms and additional show information.

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