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Equestrian Shows & Events

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2021 Horse Show Dates

Please refer to that show's host for more information by clicking on the link next to the show date. *Indicates VHSA Associate Rated Show

ECETC Show Grounds...


  • 4 riding arenas with judges' stands and speaker system.
    • Indoor arena is 270' x 135' and is attached to our steel constructed barn.
    • 3 exterior arenas
  • Secretary stand
  • Judges stands
  • Parking for horse trailers & vehicles

Other events...

Our facility is also available for events such as equestrian clinics, dog shows and fund raisers.  If you are looking for a venue to hold your event, give us a call for additional details and scheduling.

Show Grounds

2 of the 3 exterior arenas

Horse Show Information

Be sure to also visit the individual Associations' website for addtional information

ECETC keeping the fun in horse shows!

Horse Shows held at ECETC's Show Grounds  

East Coast is pleased to be the site of horse shows for the East Coast Horse Show Assocation East Coast Interscholastic Equestrian Academy, Atlantic Saddle Club and Virginia Beach Horse Show Association. Most hold Virginia Horse Show Associatation (VHSA) Associate Rated shows.

East Coast Horse Show Association (ECHSA)

The ECHSA offers VHSA Associate rated shows offer Hunter/Jumper divisions. ECHSA Winter show series are from December through April. 
The ECHSA also offers a non-rated Schooling Series which runs year round.

East Coast Interscholastic Equitation Academy (ECIEA)

The ECIEA team is part of the IEA's Zone 3, Region 5. Team members are comprised of students in grades 6-12 and compete against other local IEA teams. You do not need to own a horse to be part of their team!

Virginia Beach Horse Show Association (VBHSA)

The VBHSA offers VHSA Associate rated Hunter divisions and run from March through October. ECETC is pleased to be a part of the VBHSA show circuit.

Please utilize the links above to refer directly to the ECHSA, ECIEA, or VBHSA sites for their prize lists, entry forms and additional show information.